Michael Porter

Greetings All,

Due to the COVID-19 virus, I will not be going to my dad’s this week so, I will be able to continue on this journey with you.

Rohr talks about Divine DNA.  My understanding of this is that God is the creator of all and his DNA is in everything and everyone, which tells me God is in everything and everyone.  God loves everything and everyone he creates.  I have friends and family who are members of the LBGTQ+ community who know God loves them and are open in their sharing God’s love with other people.  For me to think I need to forgive them because they are gay or assure them God loves them even though they are gay, would be me assuming God did not love them because they are gay and passing judgment on them.  I do not limit God’s love nor use his judgment.

I have visited with people who are gay, lesbian or transgender who have been in the hospital and outside the hospital.  They have shared that their struggle is not with God’s relationship with them or their relationship with God but with people who react judgmentally against them.  The question concerning God comes from what other people say to make them feel otherwise.  God creates everything and everyone and loves all he creates.   My hope is that with my non-judgmental presence, they are affirmed that God does love them because of who they are – created by God.

Being on the fringe has allowed me to be that non-judgmental presence. My struggle is with those who are at the center who condemn me.  This struggle humbles me and reminds me that God is bigger than all of this and I do not need to defend God, but only embrace and love my neighbor as he does regardless of who they are or how they define their higher power.  When they struggle, I can walk beside them and help them explore their world and beliefs.  God’s relationship with me and mine with him gives me the freedom and the ability to do this.

Through Chaplaincy I see God being bigger than any self-made box.  Chaplaincy has allowed me to work outside of the box I felt I was in through my church body, knowing that though the church may judge me for this, God does not.