Paul C. Edwards

As many of you have noted, COVID-19 has brought additional layers of stress to caregivers of all ilk, due to the many changes that have occurred (social distancing, visitation policies in institutions, etc.). We are reeling here, having experienced the first death in our county (at our facility) a few days ago. I’ve witnessed the heroic efforts of my colleagues as they worked hard to save that patient’s life. Then, I learned of the familial relationship of the patient to folks that I’m very close to and that hit home. It has been a very surreal time for me.

How I cope, as Peter noted, and so many of you as well, has been extremely modified. I enjoy a bit of antiquing on Saturdays – not for long hours, just a few hours to “discover hidden gems”. I can’t do that right now, because of restrictions on large gatherings and my favorite place is closed until further notice.

I’ve tried to use my time to catch up on reading, but…..too much is on my mind to really focus long. It took me quite a while to get through this week’s readings. I pretty much had to force myself, because I had to get it done.