Dianna Cox

Greetings from the Pacific Northwest this Sunday. I had hoped to send comments last week however so many changes here. On Thursday my hospice has transitioned to mostly making phone calls to patients, families and our team. We are able to see patients, only when they are truly at the end of life. I am really missing the face to face contact not only with the patients but with my co-workers as well. Also we have canceled worship services as well. This leads me to my comments on burnout.
Burnout certainly can happen with too much contact and not enough self care yet I think it can also happen when we are too isolated. Maybe that’s where the ego gets us into trouble. If all of this depends on one person meaning me, I will burn out. My gifts, talents, etc… are limited as is all of ours. We need each other.
Maybe the isolation enforced on us due to this virus will allow us to appreciate the uniqueness we all have and work better together thus helping us realize the whole doesn’t just depend on us. Will post more later. Just initial thoughts. Dianna