I agree Mike, and find this dialogue is most useful in building relationships, which in my opinion is what the “Kingdom of God” stands on.  A few years back I was privileged to travel to the Republic of Georgia, and I stayed in a Muslim Community with a Muslim family.  I was speaking with the father asking questions in reference to the “Holy Spirit” and if there was anything within Islam that was similar to how we viewed it as Christians.  Before the father could respond his eight year old son responded and began to describe the bright light and the warmth he received when he prayed to God.  I knew exactly what he was referring to as I have experienced this myself.  It showed that God was universal and speaks to all and is in all things as Fr. Richard Rohr states.  However, if either myself of the family had  chosen to be close minded and seek God only within our framework we would have missed the God of all people.