Wally Plock

Thoughts on Father John’s  summarized reflections.

How to stay fresh, energized, full of the Spirit, on task, at the helm…

REcognizing that we leak, because we are expending lots of physical, emotional and spiritual energy even during the most routine of calls and much more so during the traumatic ones.  Fear of failure was mentioned in the Compassion fatigue article and is also part of Father John’s thoughts—“The ministering person cannot always tell if his/her work is having any results.”

We want to be helpful, to not do harm, to serve, make a difference which many times happens in the mystery of God’s presence in and through us somehow.  But we don’t always know if it was helpful or harmful or if we made a difference other than our own intuitive sense.  I like the example of Elijah–eat, sleep, repeat, reframe Being reminded that he was not alone or abandoned but mostly tired, hungry and in need of a retreat, food and rest.recognizing that we are not super heroes, but people called to come alongside others and also to retreat from doing so to refresh and refill.  Like our cars need fuel we need refreshing self care.  Jesus took time away.  Jesus needed ministering angels after His temptation.  He often fed people.  May each of us find time to breathe deeply, to refresh and have our souls restored.  There is a reason we have a sabbath.  When I am in the right frame of mind, it helps to focus on what I can do and not what Ican’t