Michael Porter

When I logged in this morning I realized what I attempted to post yesterday, did not post.  I hope I can recall what I said.

Jennifer, you asked me to comment on my thought about Rohr’s use of “transaction.”  My understanding is that it is the focus on what is done and how something is done.  Within my church body I believe there is a solid doctrine, however I believe there is an improper use of the doctrine.  It has become a tool of exclusion and elitism.  The focus is on why and how we do things and have lost sight what “doing justice, loving kindness and walking humbly with our God” (Micah 6:8) and Jesus’ summary of loving God and loving others.  I hope this helps.

I also agree with you about the presumption that people would want to break free.  McLaren helped me see that in focusing on people at the center do not want to be free.  They need to be where they are at for what ever reason and it is okay for me (though difficult) to let them be.  The people on the fringes, like he says, have seen “the other”.  These are people who maybe struggling with evolving.  My focus and hope is to be able to be present with them and help them as they do.  Thank you for keeping me in check “not to make value judgements on those for whom faithfulness is in the midst of traditional religious structures.”  Having been there and feeling more free as i evolve works for me, but may not for other at this time.

Wally, I see you have posted a lot and I look forward to reading and pondering your thoughts.