Wally Plock

Good morning all.

It is Sunday morning a little after 6:00 in upstate New York.  There is a hint of dawn out my front window.  I hear the sound of  not too distant train whistle.  I anticipate the welcoming sound of Spring bird’s and their morning worship.  My family sleeps gently near by including my wife, daughter, husband and 17 month old grand son and another daughter.  The Corona Virus has brought us together.  I am thankful in the midst of this current situation.  That prayer seems to harmonize with Father  Rohr.

Moving from being a pastor/chaplain to being a chaplain/pastor has opened me to so many perspectives and experiences.

Mike.  I give you a kind and gentle nod as you come along side your family.

I appreciate your honesty about judging the core the way the core judges the fringe.

I think we all desire to be “right” and want others to see our truth.  But it gets complicated.  “There are no absolutes,” he said absolutely  Tolerance for all unless of course they have a narrow view of tolerance.

Mike, I appreciate it when you say that “you have come to embrace the mystery.”

Stepping outside of my comfortable Wesleyan box/bubble into the world of interfaith chaplaincy was/is scary.  But it helped me to see God at work in so many different ways.  “Mystery” is a word that seems to help at a challenging bedside bring people to common ground.  The syncronistic God winks that happen.

Cardinals at the time of death for example.   Our nursing home sat on the edge of the woods, the cardinals seemed to show up in abundance outside windows where someone was dying or had died.  One stayed for more than 30 minutes. The son of the woman who died said there was a cardinal visitor at his home as well.  I’ve heard this with other birds, animals, dolphins and butterflies.  Forrest Gumps feather.

For me it is a well placed “In God we trust” penny or sometimes pennies.  Why wouldn’t God who loves us communicate with us in ways that touch, comfort and bless us.

God is present in our present and speaks our language.  The privilege of being a chaplain means sometimes God uses us to be a window into that presence or a mirror where the person sees God in themselves.  WOW.

It is in our nature to