Rick Underwood

Dear Friends,

How ironic it is that we are having this conversation about Burnout, etc. in the midst of this pandemic!  Further, it is even more ironic and apropos that we are currently planning our summer symposium on Trauma-Informed Spiritual Care with several thought leaders around the country on the subject.  We here at Oates are working on a link that any spiritual caregiver can access free of charge to talk about the things that are happening in various settings around the country.  This is a result of many of you talking about how helpful it is to have those with whom you can debrief on a regular basis.  In fact, that seems to be a lot of what we do here at Oates, regardless of the topic.  We all know how important human connection and support is in creating some resiliency in our work.  One of the practices that we use in our Trauma Informed Resiliency Communities Project is to start every meeting whether online or face to face with the following questions to each other: 1) How are you feeling today? 2) What is your goal for the day?  3) Whose help do you need in working toward that goal?  It is amazing how connecting and centering that little process is.

Tomorrow, we will post week 2 assignments.  We have chosen a research article and a video and a summary of John Sanford’s book titled Ministry Burnout.  We hope these two resources will enable us to continue our exploration of things we can do to become more resilient.  Week three we will focus more on what we can do for others to help them with awareness and talk about a couple of unusual but effective methods for reducing stress and burnout.

Thank for your honest and thoughtful reflections.  It is helping me keep my light on.

Rick @ Oates

P.S.  As some of you have discovered, this platform isn’t friendly to the copy and paste method.  Just type your responses and don’t worry about typos, etc.