Rick Underwood

Wow! You all have shared a great deal that has challenged and encouraged me as I try to remain faithful to my calling.  Tomorrow, we will post some more resources for your consideration.  Mike, interestingly enough, one is by Richard Rohr on his view of the Cosmic or Universal Christ.  His insights have helped me more than any other in my understanding of interfaith dialogue. We will also post a video by Brian McLaren talking about his engagement with persons who might be thought of as evangelical fundamentalists.   Finally, we will post and article by a Muslim addressing our topic from his unique perspective. Please keep thinking and feeling and reflection and sharing.

Rick @ Oates

P.S.  We hope to have a link today on the Oates website where that professional caregivers can share concerns, feelings, and things that they are doing in their communities to cope with the pandemic we find ourselves in. Please tell others about that resource.