Michael Porter

Wow, there was a lot of activity yesterday, I am sorry I was not able to join in the discussion.  I will take time to ponder what you all have shared and hopefully respond soon.

Rick, I did read what you shared and I agree, my faith has also become more fluid with age and experience.  In my early years I towed the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod line and in doing so, I had God in a box.  CPE was the beginning of my becoming more fluid.  With regards to “faith”, I talk more about my relationship with God.  My “faith” is not what sustains me.  It is the one in whom I put my faith.  My “calm in the storm” comes in my relationship with God.  I have been reading material by Richard Rohr, a Franciscan Priest.  His material resonates with me because he has put into words what as you have said, “I have come to feel comfortable with, but still hard to articulate.”  I just started reading Rohr’s newest book, The Universal Christ.  In it he talks about faith not as a thing, but calmness, a feeling of God’s presence.

What I know continues to evolve, because God is infinite and limitless, I am finite and limited.  There is always more to learn and that usually happens in the storms of my life, and also through the sharing I have with other people.  When I visit with people, I have what I have.   This supports me in what I do and frees me to be open to let others be where they are at and help them explore as needed.

I appreciate your reference to Wayne’s, When Religion Gets Sick.  I first read it in CPE and then again as part of an Oates Seminar.  This was good as I began to open up the box I had “religion” in.