Wally Plock

Sunday morning thoughts on balancing personal faith and the faith of others.

One thing I have found very helpful on my faith journey as a spiritual care giver is to become a student of other people’s beliefs and values.  “I don’t know much about your faith or culture, can you tell me more.”  It helps establish rapport/relationship.  The goal is not that they also ask about my faith/culture.  I have learned much.  One of the most interesting was an encounter with the son of a hospital patient, a large man with a big beard who presented as a woman.  It was a huge shift for this moderately conservative born-again Wesleyan minister.  But I tried to start with acceptance, kindness and compassion.  I worked at using preferred pronouns.  She appreciated my less than successful attempts.  We laughed about it.  It was easy to converse, once I took the step of putting person before any other labels we carry around.  She talked about her struggles of acceptance even among the LGBTQ+ community.  It was a whole new world for me.