Michael Porter

Jennifer, as a Chaplain I do not see my primary purpose to be evangelism.  I believe my purpose is to be a compassionate presence for another person.  In Genesis, God said it is not good for the human to be alone.  So, God created another.  In the hospital, people are disconnected from  whoever or whatever brings them purpose, meaning and connectedness.  They are alone.  I am the “other” in their loneliness.  I believe God is in me and works through me so, I bring God’s presence to them, whether they acknowledge God or not.  I guess one might say this is stealth evangelism.

I allow people to hold their core beliefs and values.  If they are struggling with them, I help them open up and explore what they believe, what the struggle is and help them find their answers within themselves.  This may affirm and strengthen what they believe or help them to alter what they believe.  Either way brings them growth and makes them stronger.

I hope this is helpful.