Hi Paul,

I just read your comment and would like to respond to the quote, “Leave Work at Work.” Initially in my call as Chaplain it was difficult to leave work at work.  I would think about the patients ways I could have been a more supportive Chaplain, and all the other emotions that come with the nuances of being a new Chaplain .  Over time, I have learned ninety-five percent of the time to leave work at work, however it is not a “hard” leave.  What I mean by that is, I try to take the time to honor the day, the people that I have provided support to, and the experiences that happened.  Sometimes this is done in a closing prayer, or in a meaningful car ride home, or time at the gym.  As my family is aging, as well as myself, I realize my time with them is shorter.  I choose to be fully present with my family. If I don’t leave my patients and the day at the hospital I am not present with my family or to myself.   Having that mindset has helped me to gently, and gratefully leave work at work.