Rick Underwood

Welcome to Carol and Dianna and thanks to those who are sharing more of your journey with us and thanks to those who are beginning to interact.  Tuesday, we will be reflecting on some resources that move us more toward what we do for ourselves and others as we get some clarity with terminology.  Moreover, I am glad that some are beginning to share some of the kinds of issues that affect / effect the lights in each of lives.

We all know from our experience that sharing our honest feelings, i.e. uncertainties, doubts, fears, as well as hopes and affirmations are crucial to maintaining balance. Obviously, this is a safe place to do that.  As I watched the TV coverage of the coronavirus pandemic and the notices of all the closings, I was struck with the fact that we all need to be finding creative ways to do more safe, connecting for our own wellbeing as well as our family and friends and to those with whom we minister.

Share on my friends as we find ways to keep the light on in times are seem bleak and dark.

Rick @ Oates