Paul C. Edwards

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Hello all:-

I’m Paul. I’ve been a full-time chaplain at a community hospital for the past 14+ years. I’m an ordained American Baptist minister and am married with an adult son who lives out-of-state, pursuing his career as a Civil Engineer. I have a particular interest in end-of-life care and enjoy filling the pulpit (when I’m able). Outside of ministry settings, I enjoy gardening and I am pretty good at repairing computers, etc. Other hobbies are reading, music and language study, (though I’ve not been able to immerse myself in these for quite some time due to my current work load).

Being solo (with occasional priest help) in addition to running my department of volunteers (Eucharistic Ministers and others), makes for a hectic week. Being on-call daily, throughout the week, does not help either. Thankfully, I have coverage on the weekends that relieves me of those on-call responsibilities. So, I’m always feeling drained. Even when I take “mental health days” and return, it does not take long for that “running-out-of-gas” state to return.

I’m hoping this course will help me to be able to do better with my work-life balance. I’ve been feeling burn-out (meaning, no energy) although I’ve always managed to be spiritually present whenever called upon to attend to a ministry encounter. I’m really hoping I can come away with some tools that will help me to do more than just “get through” the week.

(I think I erroneously started a new thread, until I saw this, so I re-posted here, to keep things uniformed, as Rick suggested)