Laura Broadwater

I feel like I encounter the 3 P’s regularly.  I Love to challenge and reframe the incredible power those 3 P’s create.  None of us is God.  I cannot command the universe or set anything in motion.  Especially in death, “If only”.  Really?  none of us holds power over death, we cannot change death.  Whether I am bedside as a loved one dies or step in the bathroom, it holds no power over the natural death process.  How many people guilt themselves over things way beyond their power?  Life has painful, fierce moments and can feel draining.  Life events can feel like a leech.

You know, one day I wore 2 different shoes to work.  I started laughing.  My colleagues laughed as well.  It was a great stress reliever.  However, no one else noticed that day.  The fact that wore 2 different shoes did not permeate the day or how others engaged me for the day.  There are times when people get difficult diagnosis.  HIV/AIDS is one of those diagnosis.  Yet, I remind those patients, that they are protected by HIPPA, disclosure of a diagnosis is up to the patient.  We sort through the mental trip of the 3 P’s to find a path of hope and how to move forward.  No one is going to tattoo a diagnosis on a patient’s forehead.  Dark moments feel like forever.  I love working in rehab because there comes a day when I work with patient’s where I see a change, the funk begins to clear.  A patient was a bone marrow patient.  The patient was emotionally flat.  This patient was still in shock even though this patient was in rehab.  As the liturgical calendar availed itself to explore this patient’s journey with their faith journey, the 3 P’s began to dissipate.  I walked in one day, I looked at the patient, “Oh, you’re back!”  I was greeted with a big grin.  She was back to the land of the living.  The permanence was now taking a back seat to life, Instead of abandonment by God, this patient could trace God’s presence.  Life began to be sweet again as the darkness of the near death experience began to be distanced by time and space.  Cancer may again rear its time for this patient but her faith has changed and her resiliency, her support system, her life.

Trish, you have shared two incredible life events: cancer and divorce.  Those are incredible journeys.  Rick has shared as well with his son and his divorce.  Each of you comprehends the 3 Ps differently.  I see life as a way to make me more gentle and real like the story of the Velveteen Rabbit.  The more loved, the more worn, the more loved.