Michael Porter

Thanks Rick for letting us know about Lisa.  I hope all goes well for her.

The article is basic, reminding us that remembering the basics is good.  We can get into deeper stuff, however remembering the basics help keep us focused on the individual rather than trying to read too much into an individual and missing what is going on with him or her.  Remembering the basics reminds us that what an individual is going through is “normal”.  I like using the “natural” instead of “normal” because “normal” a person’s “normal” changes with the experiences and transitions one goes through in life.

I appreciate the article’s point that grief does not go away.  It is always there and will show itself throughout life and is triggered by special times and events in life as well as sensory triggers such as smell, sound etc.  Recognizing this and being able to connect with the grief helps us cope with it, rather than wondering why we feel so down when it happens.  When our children graduated from high school and college, when our daughter got married and our grandchildren were born, I grieved that my mom was not there to share in these milestones.  This too is part of the natural grief journey.

I agree Joy, this is a good resource to share with parents to help them through their children’s grief journey and theirs as well.