Michael Porter

Mary, with regards to your thoughts about “real” and “movie” death, I agree death is all around them whether it is in the movies, video games etc.  As you mentioned the characters are not rally dead.  I think this could lead to children becoming numb to death.  They see it, but do not really understand it.  In video games the death of an individual is a step to winning the game.

I think movies etc. also affect adults.  My experience at the hospital is that some people believe that people are not supposed to die.  I have been with people who have expectations that there is a cure for everything.  We recently had the family of a 90 year of woman who had a number of health issues.  Doctors were telling family that she would not have any quality of life.  Family continued to insist more be done.  I was recently with a family of a person who died in the Emergency Department.  The family sat in the room with their loved one for almost six hours talking with her and stroking her as if who where still alive.  I know this is part of their dealing with grief, but it seemed as though the death was not real for them.  The struggle adults have with death is passed on to the children.