Trish Matthews

Welcome, Rick, and thanks for sharing so honestly and vulnerably.  I remember hearing about your son after my bout of colon cancer.  I cannot imagine what all he has been and will go through without any colon at all!  I imagine as his dad you have your own sense of worry and fear that goes along with that.  I also appreciate what you say about reaching a certain age when it seems more and more of our friends and family are dying.  In Option B, Sandberg has taken the death of her beloved husband at a young age and shared how she dealt with the loss and found ways to go on.  Also, in our work as chaplains and caregivers we deal significantly with death and loss.  I hope this book will give yet another lens from which to help people navigate through difficult times of transition.  I, too, agree with the 3 P’s – more about that next week.  This week, continue to watch the videos and share what it was that prompted you to take this class.  We will get into the meat of discussing the book next week, and our third week will be a practical application of the book to our work.  Let’s dig in!