Rick Underwood

Hi Dan and Melanie,

We are off to a bit of a late start and a couple of folks have opted out. Further, I know Dale was having some technical trouble. And Melanie, I don’t’ know why you can’t download the article. I will troubleshoot all of that today.

I plan to participate because of the esteemed participants and leader and because of the topic. I trained and served as a professional pastoral counselor for many years.  During that time, I explored and studied most of the theories mentioned in the article. Journeying with folks for weeks into the depths of their struggles was meaningful and many of the theories and techniques were helpful.  At the beginning of my career, I participated in some 9 units of CPE.  The foundational experience of listening to and working with feelings of folks in short term encounters was invaluable.  Since Dec. I have been serving as a PRN chaplain at one of our local hospitals.  I look forward to hearing from each of you and others that might join us as to how the content of this article has and might benefit you in your work.