Hi everyone, I’m not sure if I am technically registered for this course or not. I am unable to see any reading assignments that may be listed. Perhaps I am to get my copy of the referenced paper on my own?

At any rate, my name is Melanie Childers. I am the director of pastoral care at Watauga Medical Center in Boone, NC. I have served at this location for 21 years. In my first career I worked in journalism, but found chaplaincy to be a much better fit for me. An an introvert and an introspective person, I love the gift of being able to talk with people about things that matter, in times that matter.  I work in a small facility and have a number of PRN chaplains who fill in for me and who are on call nights and weekends. But generally from Monday to Friday, it is just me.

When I’m not working, my partner and I enjoy gardening, hiking, home maintenance and repair, and caring for the environment as best we can.