As Orlow stated the Signature material is interesting in concept but I really am not comfortable with it as it seems to possibly go to far in trying to make the work of the chaplain overly structured and too heavily defined.  My experience tells me that that two different people, even people who are related, may face the same diagnosis or same issue in their respective lives and yet handle it very differently.    I shy away from a program such as what Signature does because it may not allow for working with each person on their own terms and with their own experiences in lieu of “marking off the checklist” of what to say and do when responding to this specific information.  It is more important in my view that we get to know the individual, their family dynamics, and other pertinent personal details and work from that perspective rather than trying to fit the situation to our predetermined response/questioning to a given situation.  I may be overstating things but the signature system seems to lend itself to something other than a personalized approach, not to mention lending itself to having to accomplish a certain number (quota?) of good outcomes.  Sometimes our most important work is being with folks in the midst of bad, very bad outcomes.