Michael Porter

Jose, thank you for leading us on this journey.   Your comment, “respect and trying goes so much further than getting it perfect” was full of grace for me.  Maybe I can stop being so self-conscious in my trying.  Also, “we humans all share the basic emotions sad, mad, glad, fear, etc.” helps me center on what is important in a relationship.  Once we connect on that level, everything else is learning and growing about each other.

Melanie, thank you for sharing this journey with me.  I appreciate your insights, many of which I share.  I appreciate how you are able to step back from a situation and see where you are at.  This has helped me see when my stuff was getting in the way of a relationship.  At times when this has happened to me, I have shared this with the individual, which helped the relationship grow.  I hope you have an awesome time in Costa Rica.  I look forward to maybe meeting again in another seminar.