Comments of the Feelings article,

Maybe its just me but when article got started and was talking about emotions and feelings as two different things I stumbled a bit with that because I often use the two words interchangeably.  As I read on I saw the focus become clearer to me as the article helped us look at moving away from simply problem solving with someone in need and going deeper into the issues and concerns (feelings) that are behind the emotions that are being expressed to us.  I agree with the material as presented here that our ministry of presence is so important in helping someone know they are not alone and it strikes me that when we give our time to someone as they go deeper into their experience, and do so without bringing to much of our own experience/issues/needs into the conversation, that we really are – or can be – a part of their healing process.    This quote from the article says it very well, : chaplains must be self aware in order to be able to hear the resonance (of what is being shared) in their own soul.”    This article also reminds me that there is more for me to learn as I continue to grow as a chaplain as I continue to understand my place/role in the pastoral/spiritual care giver relationship.  I understand that the article is about the chaplain’s relationship with those receiving care.  An interesting follow up, in my opinion, would be to read more about, once we establish our proper role in the healing process, how to then move into helping the recipients of our care find the presence of God in their situation.  Dr. Oates wrote about the “pastoral trialogue” which seems to be the follow up step to establishing the proper relationship.