Michael Porter

Melanie, thank you for your comments.  I too agree with Augsburger that training ourselves towards interpathy is a generational challenge.  You are right, “number 45” has done great damage to the cause of diversity and the media has done its share to perpetuate it.  What I see him doing to this generation is undo the work that has been done.  But then I wonder, as I listen to my dad who says “he tells it like it is”, has the hate laid dormant for so long that now he is bringing out what never went away.  I do not like to think that.  There is much work to be done for this generation to maintain human decency in our society and to train ourselves towards interpathy.

I too resonated with the idea of “disorientation” being reframed as “creative confusion”.  When we become comfortable with our worldview, we fall into the trap of that everyone needs to fit that view and if they do not then we push them away.  Moving outside our box, becoming uncomfortable and confused,  results in learning and growing.  Only then can we see other people for who they are.

Jose, thank you for your words, “Cultural humility is crucial for this experience and to expanding our brain capacity.”  I would add that it opens our heart more to treating all people with human decency.  Sometimes I think I try to be open and accepting people for who they are.  I need to stop overthinking it and just be who I am – to go with my heart – and do what is natural for me.  You are right this “is how God can flow God’s healing through us into others and visa versa.”  I see this as the we can meet the challenge  toward interpathy in this generation.


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