Jose Albovias

Interpathy is not that easy.  From experience I will tell you that it takes years of practice, and even then sometimes I till miss the boat.  The more practice, the better we will get though.

Michael, please understand that what Augsberger does not mention is that there is no possible way to totally understand the weltbilt/weltanschaung/world view of the other, even if we grew up in the same culture.  However, expecting the other to drop their cultural backgrounds and totally act like “Amercns” is impossible if not idiotic and shortsighted (regards of other opinions to the opposite).  Again, checking out your understanding with others is key to get as close as possible.  That is why I also say that we as humans all share the basic emotions of sad, mad, glad, fear, etc. You are not alone in your struggle.  I am so glad that at least you struggle (like the rest of us).

Melanie, I am so painfully aware of so many micro-aggressions against you and the rest of the LGBTQ community.

When 9/11 happened, I was in the grocery store that night and I had hate stares from people (mostly white).  The other day at work, a co-worker I never met refused to speak to me and was cold.  I found out later that this big white guy hates Mexicans (and assumed that I was one).

However, by trying to more aware of our biases and insensitivites (and our experiences of being a minority if we are), we can help others who are marginalized feel less so and even become advocates as ministers.  Cultural humility is crucial for this experience and to expanding our brain capacity.  I feel that this is how God can flow God’s healing through us into others and visa versa.