Jose Albovias

BTW – Melanie I was raised in a bi-cultural home.  My folks did not get along for years at times.  My mother had no interest in getting to understand my father’s Filipino culture.  My father had no choice but to understand American culture. I am in a great marriage with a wonderful woman who did the opposite – she took effect and time to try to understand my Filipino (and even Cherokee) backgrounds with acceptance.  She even tried to cook Nelaga, a Tagalog Filipno dish (I am of the Tagalong tribe).  Attitude and an open mind does wonders. I too have taken some time and open mind to understand my wife’s Southern cultural background.  Through this relationship, we have learned to appreciate the other’s culture and become more sensitive to the micro-aggressions against  both.

(again my apologies for my lateness – more internet problems)