Mark Pedersen

Hi Rick,

One of the first slides that asks us….. What statement best fits our perceptions of spiritual care in long term care?…..easy for ME to answer but was harder for the staff and nurses of the long term care facility to answer.  Yes, I had to do some research in the long term care facilities in my town to see what their responses would be.

Their physical and emotional reactions were fascinating!  Some didn’t want to answer…..some got very nervous and kept looking at the paper with the question on it……some answered with the response they think I wanted……others answered very truthfully according to their own beliefs.

I finally told them that I wasn’t doing this for the manager of the facility.  It was just a question I was asked in one of my continuing education classes.  I asked them to be honest with me and I would not share their answers with anyone at their workplace.  Guess what the percentages were on their responses?????

Pastor Mark