Jose Albovias

Michael, your attitude is fantastic!  That is what others want.  We can all make room for forgiveness for those who are truly willing to learn.  And we all should know that we all need to learn all the time.   And as a chaplain, we are to be present and open to all people of all faiths, traditions, spiritualities, and cultures.  You would have been a great influence and teacher to my former CPE students.

Melanie, you bring in another example of cultural differences that many who even teach on this topic forget: economic/class cultures.  The cultural values and thinking are so different between, say,  upper middle class and poverty.  On another point, Melanie, my wife also comes from the south while I am at least am bi-cultural from the mid-west and Florida.  We have been married 30 years now, and just recently we had to have a cultural conversation of what “a couple of minutes” means!