David, thanks for sharing with us the way that you present the worship material to your folks, especially those living with dementia.    I wonder if you would mind sending an electronic file of that material to the group.  I, for one, would like to look at as a resource for our service.  We have two services on Sunday, one being a brief morning prayer service with no bulletin/worship material other than the hymn book we use which is a spiral bound book with about 40 hymns in large bold print, text only, not music.  Our afternoon service uses a bulletin printed in 16 point, front and back on 8.5 x 11 paper.  In both services, particularly the full service in the afternoon, we have a blend of residents from all levels.  The residents from our memory care community who want to attend are in both services.  I’m interested in why you do a separate service for memory care and how that works for their unique set of needs.  Folks with more advanced dementia can present a challenge – I don’t see it as a problem but some of our IL folks do see it that way occasionally.  Our view here is that our services are open to everyone but it may be that folks living with dementia may benefit from a service uniquely designed with their needs and abilities in mind so I am curious about how your service works, what works, etc.