In my LTC setting you have to be at least 60 years old to move in.  We have several folks who are 1oo years or more.  At one point we had parents and their daughter and son in law living here.  It seems to me that the more folks we get on the younger end of the spectrum the more likely we are to see them as less connected to the faith of their childhood, many are less connected to organized religions.  The younger seem less likely to volunteer, including volunteering to assist in and around the chapel.  What I’m getting at is that, at least in my setting, we can no longer count on having a strong core of people with deep roots in a life long faith and less people who seem to want to volunteer to serve.  Increasingly it seems that we find more who want to be served and want what they want done for themselves rather than serving others.  So some of the things that I see as foundational in one’s spiritual life are less present among our newer, younger residents.  This calls for perhaps looking in some new directions or understanding some new language or practices which I may not be so familiar with causing me to have to sharpen some of my skills related to screening and assessing folks.  To help accomplish this I’m learning to listen more and ask things in a more open ended way to invite input and deeper conversation with folks who may differ widely from my own set of beliefs and practices.