It will be very important in the process to learn from the residents how they define spirituality and what religious or spiritual practices help them on the journey.  Jennifer you are right, that would come in the screening process.  The way I see it and experience it there is a challenge with finding the time to do a good early screening on which to build from.  Because our LTC work is, well, long term we may get multiple opportunities to have follow up conversations so learning to be more intentional in taking advantage of those times is key.  The more emergent situations will provide some opportunity for assessment of deeper needs and issues but even in these ripe opportunities time crunches can hinder that process.   As I go into a situation I’m learning to be more open to letting the resident or their family guide me and inform as to what they prefer in the situation rather than my assuming what is needed.  What a difference it makes when you have a good baseline from which to build.