I’m glad you brought this up Mike. Like you, I’m not sure what McIntosh means by the comment about “the advantages with them should not be the same.” In a collective way I do affirm that oppression is oppression. But I also have learned very clearly that there is a “hierarchy” of oppressions, so to speak. Oppression due to race and ethnicity is at the top of that hierarchical list. I’m not really in a position to posit all the reasons for this, except to say that the oppression of people of color in this country has a long and horrible systemic as well as individual past (including genocide), that the type of oppression suffered is/was intense (including physical abuse and murder), and that the number of people impacted by this oppression is huge. Also, people of color are not at liberty to “stay in the closet” about their differences like some LGBT individuals. I’m sure others can speak much more authoritatively to this issue than I can. But I learned clearly, years ago, that it is not fair or OK for me to compare my sufferings to the sufferings of people of color. And I agree with that on some deep level, even though my attempts at articulating it are falling far short.