Michael Porter

Jose, I had not gotten around to responding to your profile.  My guess was Hispanic Catholic.  I based this on your facial features and my experience that the majority of Hispanics I  have met are Catholic.  Yes, I played into the stereo type but I figured you did not fit that since you put it before us.  Having said that, when I meet people I go with a blank slate, knowing only that they are as unique as I am and I enjoy getting to know them for who they are.  You have an interesting make up and I would have been one of those who dropped their jaw.  I am interested in hearing more about you and your heritage.  I have always enjoyed talking with people from Native American heritage.  As I have learned about their connection with Mother Earth , my spirituality has grown in seeing God more in all that he has created and the interconnection of everything in God’s creation.  This is a teaching of the Franciscans.  I have been reading Richard Rohr’s material, which has expanded my spirituality greatly.