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Tim Peters

Hi Rick,

I found the example by Shirley Otis-Green about the Transitions program that she worked with interesting.  It sounds like they put a lot of time and effort into making the program better by identifying some of the gaps that they had.  I was looking for ideas how to better serve families while offering bereavement support.  I like how they used the approach of “Plan-Do-Study-Act.”  This seems much more of an intentional approach than is most often the case in places where I have worked.  A concept that I take away from that chapter is about reducing regret.  I spent time with a family recently where the patient was actively dying and the daughter regretted choosing hospice because she felt like that meant giving up on her dad.  We tried to work with her through that, but she was not in a place to hear it from us or her daughter.  It was a learning experience.

I was interested earlier in the book where it talked about researching into the job satisfaction of chaplains.  It talked about focusing on the rewarding aspects of the work.  Right now at my job some of the chaplains and social workers are exploring joining a union.  I would be interested to find out some more of our groups thoughts.  Its seems getting higher pay is the main motivating factor.  But some research could probably bring out more details and nuance.

Overall I found a lot of the reading about research dry to be honest.  It is not something that I see myself pouring myself into in the near future.  Maybe later on in life I will develop more of an interest.  But the reading has helped me to be more literate when it comes to research.  Reading about evaluating research was helpful for giving ideas on what to be looking for.