Rick Underwood

WOW!  What thoughtful and heartfelt interactions in regards to Melanie’s article and the cases presented.  Thank you all.  I’m glad that Bert could chime in and I too send my heartfelt sympathy and prayers for healing, good memories, and grace to Bert and his family.  Hope he can share a few reflections this week.  Technically, our three weeks have run out.  Once again, I am amazed at where these collaborative learning experiences take me both professionally and personally.  A huge thank you to Melanie for guiding us through this experience for her open and honest disclosure from one that has lived much of what we have discussed. Personally, I plan to be more proactive with my grandson as he navigates his way forward.  I might add that we have three or four Baptist churches here in Louisville that are welcoming and affirming of all persons.

I will post the Oates evaluation link soon for your completion.  I am so grateful for each of your participation.  Occasionally, I hear that the Oates Institute has been irrelevant.  I know this isn’t the case but we are always looking for ways to help folks see the value.  We would covet your quotes about your experience that could be used to help young spiritual caregivers see the value of such collaborative learning experiences.  We also would value your thoughts about how the OI might position itself as national organizations merge.

Thank you.