Mary M. Wrye

Melanie’s article… it is unbelievable how deaf, dumb, blind, and stupid we are about spiritual abuse. I just read an article about the leadership of Liberty University and how tight they control their media outlets including especially the student paper. It is incredible how cruel and punishing they are. There is a cousin of my best friend who is a member of a church who believes STRONGLY in the “wives submit yourselves to your husband” passage to the point that they have told her as a wife, she cannot be raped, her husband always knows best, and whatever he says goes. He verbally and emotionally abuses her… and her pastor is quoting scripture that she is not being abused. She was in the hospital just last week and I asked if she was visited by a Chaplain. Her husband told them there was no need for a Chaplain to visit. Fortunately for her – her cousin (my friend) is doing for her what a Chaplain would do.

Case Study – the patient is an adult man is dying, most likely will never leave the hospital, but it had become important to him to be baptized. The family and the pastor asked about the possibility of baptism. His faith tradition is immersion (and when they say “immersion” they mean that his whole body must be underwater at the same time…not just parts of him). I arranged to use the whirlpool tub in our Physical Therapy department as the baptismal pool. This patient’s pastor and church leadership came and got him into the whirlpool and “folded” him up so his whole body could be submerged as per their tradition – which was no easy task given this man was over 6′ tall. But we did it, and the patient, his family, his pastor, and the church leadership celebrated over being able to do this for him. He died 3 days later.