Trish Matthews

Spiritual assessment using FICA

F – the couple has faith but has not been involved in a religious faith group.  I wonder if this is because of feeling they are not welcome/accepted for who they are.

I – This couple firmly believes in God.  Not sure what other important spiritual connections or beliefs they have.

C – Community connections – again, no connections suggested in case study except for parents.  Living partner also tried to call several people but no one was available to come.  Near the end two friends came, who the partner left with.

A – Medical care actions – the partner would take care of the arrangements per the parents  request.  I wonder if they were married, had a medical power of attorney, etc.  The couple has been together 20 years, so wonder if they would be considered common law marriage.  No mention of calling a pastor or thoughts about how to remember this special person.

I, too, like what Melanie said that they “had loved each other for 20 years.”  That is beautiful.

I do not have a case study to share.  I will read Joy’s and respond to that.