Bert Montgomery

Hello, Everyone! I am sorry I have been unable to be a part of this course as I had hoped, but I am grateful for Rick’s and your understanding as we transitioned my mother to hospice and am now in the time between her death and the funeral service (Saturday). In the weeks to come, I will be helping my sister go through stuff at the house. I am also very appreciative to the Oates Institute for choosing A Rabbi & a Preacher Go To a Pride Parade to use as part of this course.

I have briefly read trough the forum discussions. I intend to read them more thoroughly next week and reply specifically to some of them. But today I simply want to say, “Thank you!” Thank you for allowing me to see how my writings are helping others reflect upon the bigness of God, and both challenge and inspire Believers to better live out the wildly inclusive love of Jesus. And thank you also for the good and holy work that each of you do.

Again, I will read more closely and reply more specifically next week. May God continue to bless your online fellowship and reflections.

Bert M.