Joy Freeman

This is such a helpful clarification piece.  I find it interesting the point about Native American and other native peoples holding these “two spirit” people in high regard. It makes me wonder about what we can learn from their way of looking at life through a spirit lens rather than a dogmatic lens and how that might help us as a society.  It seems so much healthier.

The other thing I appreciated was how this raised for me the difficulty of words. What I mean by this is we have many words that get used interchangeably (sex/gender for example) that really I don’t think are as interchangeable as we think.  Add into this the fact that there is no true gender neutral pronoun in the English language leaving us with the best pronouns being gramatically incorrect (and therefore confusing and difficult for many to wrap minds around) for referencing a single person (there was a good segment on this exact issue on CBS Sunday morning (https://www.cbsnews.com/video/faith-salie-on-preferred-gender-pronouns/) the segment was fairly surface but it was out there creating this as part of the public conversation. Perhaps we need to become less lazy with our words?  Just a musing here.