Trish Matthews

Thanks for all of this great information, Rick and Melanie.  I need to digest it and make sense of it.  Another stupid question – what is cis?  And what does it mean when someone wants to use the pronoun them, they, etc.  Are they saying there is more than one person in them, which sounds kind of like a split personality to me?  I have a friend who gave me a book on transgender issues – will try and look it over for our conversations this week.  I also wonder what it means that “sexual orientation is completely separate from gender identity.”  How is that possible and what does that mean?  I guess I can see that if a person identifies as a woman but is a lesbian – is that what this means?  Also, I appreciate Rick saying to be sure to get the pronouns right, but what if you don’t know the person is transgender?  Do they always identify themselves in an intake questionnaire this way?  And do we even have questions to address this upon intake?  I work in a hospital and have to say I see all people as just people who need care, listening, and compassion.  I probably am not as “attuned” to these issues, which concerns me.  Thanks for being a safe place to explore all of this,

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