Joy Freeman


I can relate to your struggle with wanting to “quit church” but just can’t.  I more identify as a contemplative Christian mystic.  I don’t really fit in traditional church but because there is still a part of me that still needs the church community.  I struggle because I don’t really care if my daughter is in a youth group or sunday school class (she does not ask to be a part and I don’t push it) but there is still a part of me that is stuck in the you are clergy you “should” have your child in all the “right” church things.  Yet it is more important that she know how to live authentically to herself as Jesus follower rather than quote all the Bible scriptures.  She would rather be included and feel like she belongs in the full life of the church rather than shuttled off to children’s or youth groupings – so we are a part of a small church with no youth group – so they are forced so to speak to experience and include her fully.  But somedays it feels like an uphill struggle.

Not fully on topic here, but I think many of us who function from an inclusive welcome perspective – struggle personally in similar but different ways.