Joy Freeman


The transgender population is one I struggle the most to wrap my head around from the simple perspective of there are so many different terms some preferred others not preferred but still being used main line floating around.  I have not ever felt like I have had a good handle on this.  So what you have shared here is very helpful.

Your comments on the struggle of the transgender population in receiving health care reminded me of a situation I encountered several years ago.  We had a patient in our critical care unit, nothing was said about the fact that this person had gone through gender affirmation surgery and so the care team was clueless until part way through the critical care stay when it became known. The nurses were very concerned that this information was not known from the beginning because they realized this person had most likely not received any of the hormones or other medicines that were necessary for maintaining the authentic gender. I was actually impressed that the horror was not because the person was transgender, but because the nurses realized they were not being complete in the needed and necessary care. This incident opened my eyes to the danger and lack of safety that the information Rick shares here speaks to.


And what you share here for health care interactions is so very helpful to me.