Joy Freeman


Like you I found the sermon 2 and point about masks very thought provoking. I for a long time hid the fact that I play dungeons and dragons – it felt like something I should not do as a clergy person.  Interestingly enough once I gathered my courage and started acknowleging it as one of my hobbies when talking with nurses here – the responses were amazing and all of a sudden I was a really cool chaplain that they could connect with because I became a “real person” to them. It was one of my first experiences in taking off a mask.  Today I am wearing my new rainbow bracelet.  It is another way for me to start to take off my maks and “come out” more as an ally.


You are so right, I think there are so many people that we label as “them” in church.  My question is how do we make this change culturally to that the church becomes the first place people find a place for we together rather than the church being the last bastillion of us versus them.  How can we make church a radically safe place rather than a comfortably safe place?


Thanks for getting me musing.