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Thanks so much for your response. I appreciate that you treat same sex couples “just like any other couple.” I hear in that statement that your goal is not to single them out or make them feel different, and I am grateful for that. On the other hand, there are of course some obvious ways that these couples may need some unique support in terms of the life experience they have had and the particular needs presented to them.

I would hope that¬† a community progressive enough to pass a “Fairness Ordinance” would be fairly open and responsive to minorities. And yet I also hear your own struggle as a woman in ministry having to deal with oppression and marginalization. I certainly can relate to that as well. The more ways a person falls outside the profile of the dominant culture (white, straight, male, Christian, extroverted, upper-middle-class, college educated, married, English speaking, able-bodied, etc), the harder that person has likely had to work to find success in life here in the US.