Joy Freeman

I was able to get the book ahead of time, so managed to get some reading done before hand.

I greatly appreciated the section in part 1 “Pride through the eyes of University Baptist Church.” What impacted me the most was how important it was for the church to just “show up.” It emphasized for me that I don’t have to have everything fully figured out, as long as I am showing up with open arms and heart ready to love as God loves that is a place I can start.

In part two I found myself underlining over and over the parts of the book that went back to referencing Jesus living life with the marginalized that the populations Jesus engaged over and over with everyone who the religious authorities deemed “not good enough.” For me this was a helpful re-orientation to the fullness of the Gospel message.

It was very helpful for me to read “A kiss of solidarity.” The point I found helpful was the reminder that this population looks at life and other actions through a very different lens.  What may seem “bad” or “scary” actions to me may make others feel safe.  It was eye opening example of working to understand how my actions are viewed through their lens.

Looking forward to the rest of the discussion this week.