Trish Matthews

Hi everyone.  My name is Trish.  I have an interesting “religious” life in that I was born a Methodist, was initially ordained a Southern Baptist, and am now happily an ordained Presbyterian.  I am the Manager of Pastoral Care at my local Presbyterian Hospital, which is part of a 14 hospital group.  We have around 325 beds.  I have one other full time staff person and 6 PRN chaplains who help with on call and some daytime work.  I should say up front that I am currently on disability as I was diagnosed with colon cancer in January.  I have two more months of treatments to go, hopefully.  I realized the end of the year would be here soon and I would need my CEU’s for the APC, so this class will help with that.  I have several gay and lesbian friends at the hospital and even did my first lesbian wedding this past year.  It was very sweet and meaningful to me.  But I am woefully inadequate in my understanding of this wonderful and marginalized group of people so this class will hopefully open my eyes to new things.  Looking forward to being with you,