Mary M. Wrye

Good morning all,
Joy, guess I’ll be next. I am Mary Wrye, also an APC Board Certified Chaplain, endorsed (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship), and ordained. I serve full time as the lone Chaplain for our small community hospital/healthcare system in Henderson, KY. I have been here almost 15 years (come September). Prior to that I served as staff person in a few Baptist churches, and in my “first life” I was a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist working with mentally and physically handicapped adults. I am active in my church which is the lone CBF church – often as the unofficial/unpaid “Associate Pastor”. Fortunately, our pastor is a great guy and a friend. We work well together. Our small congregation is a welcoming and affirming group. Our organist and our former Deacon chair are long time partners. The teacher for our older ladies Sunday School class is a gay man. They LOVE him.

Personally, I am not married, have no human children, but I do have 2 fur babies – cats that are 10 years old. I travel every chance I get which means an international trip every year. This year my traveling buddies and I are going to France! Can hardly wait.

Our small community just passed a Fairness Ordinance – again. It was passed the first time 20 years ago after a much HEATED debate. Eighteen months later, and after a City Commissioners election, the Ordinance was revoked. It wasn’t brought up again until a few months ago. To give credit… it passed again but the debate was not nearly as heated and divisive this time. Time heals and gives perspective… at least I hope so.

I look forward to our discussions together.