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Richard Rohr said that if your spiritual caregivers aren’t talking to you about death, you don’t have good spiritual caregivers.    In Chris Hammons’ article “Spiritual Care from a Patient’s Perspective” he asks right away “what do I want, need and expect from my spiritual caregivers?”      What do you think is the most important function of a chaplain?  What do you hear your patient’s expecting of you?

Then in his article, “Tending the Garden through the Eyes of a Cancer Patient” he uses the metaphor of garden, which I appreciate.  He chooses to focus on the full garden, not the weed.  How do you help your patients focus on the garden rather than the weed?

One way I do that is with a heavy focus on life review, seeking what one can affirm and bless about their life.   There are many good life review tools around.  Here’s a link to the work of Dr. Harvey Chocinov, a palliative care doctor in Canada:  https://dignityincare.ca

I encourage you to peruse his website for further information and tools.  Let’s talk about what grabs you the most.

Wishing everyone a good weekend!