Lee Whitlock

Tim, my view of God in the OT is a little different from that of your professor. I believe that the people in the old testament received inspiration from God as to what His will was. They, like us, dragged their own thinking into the inspiration. Someone said, “You know it’s not God’s will when you feel He’s telling you do do what you were going to do anyway.” The Jewish people were going to go to war, they were determined to God, so they said it was God’s will. It must have been a leap for them to move from “If you steal my cow, I’m going to kill you” to “If you steal my cow, I’m going to get your cow”. “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” was also a great leap of faith. Both were moving the law they brought with them to a more compassionate way of living. Jesus came along and moved the law even further, “You have heard it said of old ‘an eye for an eye’ but I say to you, ‘do good to those that persecute you.'” In both the OT and the NT, it required a reorienting of thinking.

I wonder where God is moving us today. Do we make “preemptive strikes” toward the people who find it necessary to steal or do harm by obeying Matthew 25. We go to where they are before they have the opportunity to steal and offer them our faith? This is true Evangelism. We offer love and food and water and clothing….”

Just a thought.